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Multi-Functional Stun Gun Z-8 MF

Multi-Functional Stun Gun Z-8 MF

Unlike a standard contact or drive stun-gun, the Multi-Functional Stun Gun has a range of between 1 and 12 meters using a choice of 8 different cartridges. (See options below). The Multi-Functional Stun Gun is specially designed with High Voltage, low Amperage DC output. This makes it safer than other traditional AC design products, which can cause ventricular fibrillation (heart attack) to the human body. Further design features are the built-in powerful LED light, safety pin with wrist strap for anti-theft and to prevent unauthorized use. Finally the carbon composite material makes the device extremely robust.

1. Supports up to 8 different purpose driven cartridges.

2. Specially designed high voltage, low current DC output, this is much safer than traditional AC high voltage systems. AC voltage may cause Ventricular Fibrillation or other unexpected dangerous reactions. Produces a very bright and powerful arc which alone is very intimidating and psychologically threatens the invader/attacker.

3. Built-in powerful long range LED targeting and night ops flashlight.

4. Safety-Pin with wrist strap prevents unauthorized usage and unit is disabled if taken from authorized user.

5. Constructed of a robust carbon composite material to withstand a 1.5m drop

6. Easy to operate; no need for any complex set-up procedures, only basic training is necessary.

The standard package includes:
1. Main unit (Multi-functional Stun Gun)
2. Safety plug-pin with wrist strap (key)
3. Charger
4. Gun Holster Belt
5. Gun Holster with Spare Cartridge Holster (2)
6. Carry Bag
7. Operation manual, training and practice target
8. 3 x 3.5m Probe Cartridges (Cartridges can be customized)

Please download our brochure for full specifications

Price/Unit: R9,250.00

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